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Mo’s migration services offer full comprehensive migration and education advice. We provide assistance to those looking into migrating, studying or visiting Australia. We are registered with the Australian Government Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) immigration advisers.

Australia is open to immigration


We rely on our extensive knowledge of Australian laws to assist our clients achieve their migration goals. We pride ourselves on the high quality work we perform and the dedication to our clients' needs.

We provide immigration advice and assistance to lodge visa applications with the Department of Border Protection Australia (Formerly known as the DIBP).
Our work primarily consists of providing honest, professional and reliable advice about your visa options. Our conduct is regulated by the Office of the Migration Agents Authority (OMARA), and we are bound by the code of the conduct.

The code requires us to keep up with the upcoming changes in legislation, and to have access to the most recent legislative changes.

We also make legal representations on behalf of our clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Formerly the Migration review Tribunal MRT). Our assistance may be in the form of preparing written submissions and/or accompanying and assisting our clients at the tribunal hearing.



Thanks for getting me that graduate Visa! I could not have done it without you. "  



Mo’s Migration Services

At Mo’s Migration Services, we value the trust that our clients place in us, and we focus on achieving the best possible migration outcome for our clients.

Australian migration law is very complex, multifaceted and changes constantly.

Whether you need advice for a temporary visa or a permanent visa, we can assist you with your enquiry and lodge your visa application, if required.

Once your visa is granted, we will explain the attached conditions in order to prevent innocent breaches of the law that can bring serious repercussions when applying for subsequent visas.

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